Do Kwon AMA - a must!

While it remains to be seen if there will be legal consequences we do know that out in the real regulatory world honchos like Do Kwon would have to give answers to shareholders. Given Luna’s stellar reputation and community’s conviction before the crash we are their simplified equivalent. In that light I am hereby calling upon ‘‘stablekwon’’ to lift ALL of the veil in a video AMA. This really cannot be too much of a stretch when considering the beyond immense crater impact the debacle left on the crypto landscape.

What people like me are looking for is a genuine sense of accountability, transparency and most of all truth before turning everyone’s attention to forks and whatnot. Each passing day these simple yet essential traits are ignored your and Terra’s future credibility are hanging by a silk thread. If the Basis Cash news is true, how many times more? No more to be precise.

I encourage readers to show support for the AMA, preferably by asking one or two hot questions.