Do Kwon....stake your own and your buddies money to save project

with 11b ust in circulation and 1.8b is in LFG. only 9.2b ust is required to be purchased. at current marketvalue it is just 773m. Do Kwon if you care about community you should put your own money and buy these all tokens out and burn them.

this is the least you can do. how you used LFG reserves recklessly is absolutely unbelievable. if you did nothing and just halted chain on 10 may. we would have been far better off. now if you say you will always be there for community then back it with “your own money”.


He does not use his own money. He just took our money now he’s playing the victim.any can say lie?i will stop

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This is what should be done but Do would rather fork and set up another chain so he can rüg pull that one too. He doesn’t even read what the community wants nor what CZ tells him how to fix it .


i guess the alternative is to ride this all the way to 0 so he can buy it back for (practically) free and whoever accumulates the most coins, wins … if so: game on

He limited the subject to slow mode!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

“…but your jail is not jail”

He doesn’t care* what the community wants. It’s all about him saving his ass and money.