Do kwon updated the v2 and made it final

If you really making it final please do think about the people who bought at during 8 th may to 12 TH May, supply was 400M to 5B at that day. People could not buy enough that day, now most of people don’t have the money to buy.

IF you want a fair fork. Please distribute people according to the supply they purchased at, or maybe take a snapshot before the last halt.

That’s a least thing you should be doing


Exactly. I also bought some luna for 15k$ at 16. Now it’s basically worthless and all gone.

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All of us should raise our voice and let kwon know how it’s wrong not to distribute according to purchase moment at circulation.

We demand to be at 35% or need 2 snapshot to be taken first at 7th may and another at 12th may


So based on the final version, buying UST now actually seems like the best value for $ spent at any stage right?

The new tokens could end up being worth nothing, in which case you’d just be throwing more money away, but if your intent was to salvage as much value out of the airdrop as possible (i.e. receive the most amount of the new tokens) buying UST at its current price is the best way right?

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Yes it seems that way, but I am still wondering why he is punishing us for buying during the attack when supply was little and he tweeted he had plans. He should re decide his distribution plan