Do not compensate

STOP crying like a baby lol. Then please go and save all the people who got liquidated during 2008 financial crisis and who gets rekt every single day. IT WAS YOU WHO WILLINGLY CLIKCED BUT BUTTON. DON’T blame and ask for money.

Old coin holders on the collapse of the system could rebuy and average their positions.
Now they could be in an equal position with the one who bought the fall.
But they did not take these risks, but simply watched their ship sink while others rescued it.
Therefore, just exchange ~ 7000: 1 old coins for new ones)
And everyone will be rewarded according to his merits)

Well said. Also, what the UST crew seem to be missing as well is that Luna is the governance token after all. Anything that loots the treasury instead of allowing the project to continue in any other form- even a memecoin- will never pass.

Fatman said he’ll sue TFL if TFL doesn’t accept his proposal, and of course I have nothing against investors fighting TFL and DK in court, but making some investors whole while the others knew their risks lol isn’t really how investing works, not even in TradFi or even banking.


Legal issue, certainly.


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Despite the amount I lost with Luna, it’d give me some satisfaction seeing how DK ends up.

Terra promised that UST is a $1 peg stable coin. People deposited UST believing the value will not degrease. It is there life saving money and not investment. Hence a full refund is worth provided as suggested by Fatman.

UST is a stablecoin, non stock or bond.

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The keyword should not be compensation but rebuilding.

There is only so much payout you can offer for a compensation where the rebuilding can yield many times more than what the people received as a compensation.

Besides, I am never a firm believer of compensation as no one uses a gun to force me to make a trade.

All trades executed by myself is on the basis of an informed decision.

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