Don´t use the brand name Classic!

Names and Brands matter

Old Terra Chain and old Luna token must not be called Classic.

Classic is part of a well stablished brand in the crypto space

On 2016, after the smart contract called the DAO was badly coded, an attacker took advantage and drained the contract funds in the incident known as the DAO Hack. The community decided to fork the entire Ethereum chain and reestablish the stolen funds from the DAO contract, but failed to reach consensus. The new forked chain was to be known as Ethereum because of trademark rights held by the Ethereum Foundation. The original Ethereum chain was then called: Ethereum Classic.

The discussion back then went around the absurd of forking the entire Ethereum chain when its integrity and security were not compromised since the DAO was just a badly written smart contract running on top. In this case, the chain integrity is indeed compromised. (As it wasn’t just an Anchor bug)

Old Terra is a better name choice

It really doesn’t matter if it is called old, attacked, broken, failed, or whatever you like. Just don’t use a brand name already taken by another crypto project.

The new fork should have a new name. The actual chain should keep Luna


I suggest LunaX


I see no issue with Classic or LunaOld.


Sir, this is a casino, behind a King burger’s dumpster.

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User 0xThresh Proposed Dark Luna ($DLuna) and I found it very appealing, may I suggest also Obscure Luna.

A fork is needed, Luna algo needs to be fix and there is no other way

Old coin can remain for gambling/trading and experimental development. Lunatics please dont hold on to something broken.

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Some adittional reading regarding Forks:

Bitcoin case: Bitcoin History Part 10: The 184 Billion BTC Bug - The Bitcoin News

Ethereum case: The DAO: What Was the DAO Hack? | Gemini

The DAO Hack and Ethereum fork explained in Video: The DAO Hack: The Story of Ethereum Classic - YouTube

Luna Obscura sounds cool…


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If old Luna is to be called Classic, algo must be fixed before in an independent community driven hard fork.

Don’t fear forks! a fork is needed!

Luna as it is, is broken, Classic Brand must not be affected! Ethereum Classic is another community of well intended developers and investors. We should aim to stop the chaos brought to the space by this project, not to make it even bigger.

OG Luna

Go big or go home lol. Time to rebrand maybe.
Rename it to Aku. Break from playing second fiddle to Luna 2.0

Aku — An ancient Babylonian name from mythology, meaning “moon god”

While I don’t expect the name to change, Aku is a pretty cool name for a crypto and why shoot for the moon when you can be a god!

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