Hello @Donkwon

I understand that you will be receiving a great deal of messages both good and bad.

I also understand that you as the founder understand far more about this than anyone.

May I please make one observation, I may have misunderstood, but often simplicity is the best solution.

There are a range of challenges and issues your navigating.


If, you burn and rebuild the existing, you keep the brand, you will build massive amounts of trust and good will which will return value far greater than any “ tricky “ move.
You allow the people who lost to regain in time, and you gain a stronger following motivated to aid your success as they stand to regain their loses.

Given that effectively you can do anything you like due to lack of rules, ditch the current UST model if you cannot perfect the algorithm.
Rebuild slowly and build a stable coin slowly on whichever method you feel best.

It’s a simple solution, but it will keep the people within the existing community happy because your not seen to be avoiding or running away and pretending the issue never happened.
You will rebuild keeping the brand and proving the strength of Luna thus making it a stronger product that can have a complete collapse and survive therefore making it a strong investment.

Without meaning to, and I may have misunderstood, but by you jumping ship to another Luna, your effectively making Lunar pre crash worthless, lunar staked post crash worthless, losing a massive amount of following and it will inevitably signal the downfall of Luna long term.

Please, if there is anyway you could consider a solution that does not ruin what exists.

Often the solution to a complicated cock up is not another complicated solution.

Please consider and look to a simple solution that may take time to gain value but keeps good will.

You will obviously will be fine no matter what you do here financially, but let your legacy be greatness and please be mindful that unintentionally you may be perceived in a way you do not intend.
You can fix this, but if I have understood your proposal this actually makes it worse and there will be no coming back from this.
There is no quick gain and quick cash, your a smart man but going against the masses is not a smart decision, you will do what you will, many may lose out but this is damaging beyond repair if you do not make the right decision here mate.

Please, simple, don’t get tricky. But you probably will because you don’t believe there was any luck involved and your smarter than everyone else in your mind.

Thank you either way, and good luck.


v1 proposals will happen once v2 is live. But v2 will happen first as v1 doesnt make sense for do kwon and builders.

Donk take a C19 shot not a jail shot.

That billion wouldn’t be worthless tho, as luna classic would still be open, so… no prison, why are we being delusional, nothing is gonna happen at all, validators favor Kwon and we lost all our money. We’re about to get 1 luna2 for every million luna we have or something like that. They’re going to pay us with 1 dollar. Period

Without the support of the “ people “ and good will there won’t be anything to build or develop for.

People will rather build somewhere else or another system.

Goodwill and trust is everything


In this type of industry the only thing that really counts is a willingness to buy in by the people/masses.

pretty stupid how people think he can be sued for anything. The old chain will remain running. He will compensate UST holders with whatever is left of the reserve. Meanwhile v2 is live. Welcome to the unregulated world of crypto.

Yes that’s just ridiculous rage because they lost their money

There are no rules in this space

The transparency released is a joke

Hence why the most important step is good will and fixing the system .

Loosing the community will destroy the brand and no one will buy into the new one.
Regardless of how it may be or how it is spun, it looks like money shifted out pre crash, system failed, trying to jump ship with some silly scheme and disappeared thinking people are stupid and writing some tweet a three year old could have typed and calling it transparency.

The industry is all ready battling a reputation issue and now if this is done , Terra is the epitome of it

I feel a bit bad for Do, he just became a father. Now his kid is going to grow up without one, probably for the upcoming years. I wish him the best; should’ve listened to the community.

I feel people’s hurt and it’s wrong but if it is legally wrong I don’t believe he will get away with it.

All I know is brought after the crash quite a bit not expecting him to abandon and walk away taking no responsibility.