Emotional Support group UST/Anchor for savings account victims

I’m too old to earn back the money I lost. I can’t eat, can’t sleep. All I can think about is that I lost most of my money in a savings account. I didn’t want the ups and downs of even a stock market and figured this savings account was my best option. I got 5.75 cents to the dollar on a savings account that was suppose to be safe.

I’m embarrassed to talk about it with my friends and family. I just read these forums day in and day out hoping there might be a plan for someone in my position. There is so much anger and I just wanted to create a place where people like me could have some emotional support and maybe ideas on how to cope.

Although I can’t keep any food down, I’ve found that drinking watered down juice sneaks in some calories to reduce the fainting spells.

Please share your stories and maybe tips on how to cope. (I.E drinking watered down juice)

Please only post here if you were a UST holder and used anchor as a savings account to not speculate on the market. I know the luna holders and liquidity pool providers are hurting just as much but this thread is for people who were told UST / Anchor was a savings account by youtubers, exchanges and friends. The stories are different and it’s hard for a savings account holder to relate to a speculative situation as most of us don’t speculate in markets.

Please no asking for money or links / ways of asking for money.

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Good idea, people need a lot of emotional support. I guess this also a good place to post victim’s real-life stories, even if they’re not their own.

This might give you some hope. It’s a Discord group for UST restitution efforts: UST Restitution Group

Fatman and a few others have organized the Discord, and they are currently in contact with lawyers.

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