Exchange wallet

Hi all:
As an exchange, when we access terra, we need to continuously obtain the information corresponding to each block height, and then use this to obtain whether there is recharge behavior of relevant users. I checked the document and found no explanation for height, so is the height value continuous? In addition, do you have a better way to realize this requirement?

The height value is continuous and is basically an index for the blocks that are produced on the terra blockchain. Im not going to go in to detail as to what a block is you can google that.

A much easier approach might be to use FCD to query transactions for a given wallet . FCD is basically an indexer that indexes each block and stores the data in a postgres database and makes the stored data available via an api .

TFL (Terraform labs) hosts a public FCD server the docs are below and i’ve also included a sample query.

FCD requests are paginated and use an offset parameter which can be found in the previous request