Exodus: Our Universe and LUNC Integration

That YouTube video is not independent unfortunately and saying as much exposes your bias directly. That video host was gifted a $50k station to promote Starship and earns income from said station. Its good to point people towards knowledge but don’t obfuscate the true nature of the sources you’re citing.

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It was completely independent and unbiased, that was the whole idea of it. Tymor and Exodus were asked to speak as well but the request was refused unles an NDA was signed. The fact remains that tens of thousands of dollars of refunds ate still outstanding, all refunds have stopped and Exodus are seeking further funding. Legal papers are also being attempted to be served to Tymor but he is avoiding this, serving of papers have been attempted multiple times but he continues to avoid them.

Well I’ve been informed I’ll be 'served documents ’ if i keep mentioning this lol. Please, do not under any circumstances get into bed with Tymor Davis. I have no financial gain or loss either way but please, do your own research. P