Fair? no silver bullet exists

I’ve read many proposals to restore the status quo, handpicking winners, with various thresholds, methods, bending time and space, motivated with a great rhetorical effort.

The governance should take responsibility for their bad choices, poor leadership, shameless silence, and the bad design of the chain economics.

Be aware that the ideas behind this proposal Terra Station are one of the causes of the actual value of luna, we witnessed tonight the underlying mechanism transformed the project in the Zimbabwe metaverse, in about two hours (Terrascope).

Going forward:

  • remove the inflationary mechanism, we experienced enough inflation to cover until the Sun stops burning.
  • remove the backing of ust, it failed what was promising: buy back with your luna, burn, do as you like, because going forward is worth nothing in any case.
  • take in new capitals, buy-back and burn luna, sacrifice your own capitals.

In brief

Unfortunately, there is no magic algorithm, reality won’t bend to any silver bullet.

Open the wallet and push real money in.

If you don’t have the funds, search for external investors, which will dilute your presence in the governance, buyback, and burn.


This proposal starts by saying that other proposals try to handpick winners which is unfair.

Then proceeds to say fuck everyone that owns UST, grab as much money from other people as possible, and refund my Luna that I bought through my own analysis and decisions.

In any bankruptcy, debt (UST) needs to be paid first.

In any bankruptcy, the debt is restructured, having debt holders losing a consistent amount.

If you lose luna, ust is backed by dreams.

if you lose ust, luna maybe can still live.

And by the way, part of ust should be bought back by the governance, same as luna. with the difference that ust now is about 0.09$ luna you have to add some zeroes.