Fair solution for ALL - Keep it SIMPLE

Hi there, I hope you all are OK.

My simple proposal is:

  • Go back to snapshot status before depeg event.

  • Discount all assets that left the ecosystem from owners addresses. They probably traded them already and not traceable anymore…

  • Use those discounted funds to compensate people who swaped from depeg to when the minting was stopped. Revert their transactions too at adqusition price and maybe offer them special stacking rewards, nfts, etc. in return.

  • CEXES should do their own policy because it’s negligence allowing trading when that happened. They have to attend the complaints of their clients.

  • Once all of that is done, transform all assets to 50% newluna - 50% newust, lock them, and allow release very slowly

Is by far, the most fair solution I can think