I wonder which will have a higher ranking in coinmarketcap in time?

I think at the moment Luna Classic has much more followers and it possesses huge interest among crypto fanatics, on the other hand, New Luna is awaiting a sudden dummp with low trust. And who knows what if all of a sudden Elon tweets about Luna Classic because he likes this kind of twisted situations and meme coins for sure.

I believe in the end Luna Classic will be victorious over New Luna. What do you think?

As a layer1 protocol, I’d bet on whichever chain gets the more developers/ dev teams.

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My opinion is it will fail hard. Economic outlook, timing, vesting etc will do its part. So you will
Be shut up with a worthless coin while will sit on a yacht with his billions and laugh at us sheep (hopefully not and he will end in jail). I see it coming.

Sir, this is a casino, behind a Korean barbecue** ([Korean] 고기구이, *gogi-gu-i dumpster.