Fixing LUNA is the KEY

Now that the LFG (Luna Foundation Guard), has made it public, that there’s very little funds left from it’s reserve, and from their updates, would prefer to compensate UST holders only, starting with the poorest wallets, is ok by me. However, The Project team should know, that right now, majority of the UST holders are no longer interested in sticking with the project. This means once they get their compensations, they will feel lucky and excited to flee the system.

LUNA holders on the other hand, are the life force of the project. From most of the proposals I’ve read so far, none seem on a hurry to get their investments back and flee, with a good number vowing to stick around even if they get nothing back, provided the current system is revived without the need for a fork. I am one of this category of people.

So, if the Terra Team feel obligated to settle UST holders, which I think they do, their biggest mistake however, would be to ignore the global LUNA community who had to sacrifice their life savings so a group of other people would exit the system.

I am ok with settling UST holders, but a comprehensive plan needs to be put in place and fast, to restore confidence in the system by paying attention to the LUNA community. There are a couple of good proposals on how to redeem the system without the need for a fork. It takes intelligent and smart people to build this system, so I believe this same folks can fix this mess, it would have made sense to focus more on reviving LUNA from which the others can be settled in a win win situation. I believe DK can do this. You have the intelligence and the team to do this. Listen to the LUNA community, go through some of the proposals which I believe may not be perfect, but will without a doubt, prove helpful. You can even modify some of these proposals to make it even more effective.


I’ve tried contacting them for direction on how I can recover the USD $220,000 held in $UST.

Been ignored, and growing increasingly skeptical about this ‘settlement’

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The problem is that network attackers, and not the community nor TFL, hold most of the $LUNA right now. That is why we need a forceful bear market for $LUNA during which we burn the excess $UST supply, buying it back at a discount. By the time the excess $UST has been destoryed, market swap with mint / burn can be re-enabled, and that will be a generational buying opportunity for everyone; but it will take months of boring price action for $LUNA to get rid of the bad actors who are holding the supply. [Proposal] A Better Way Forward™ = TFL pays back $UST by burning excesses, NO FORK

They used their BTC reserves to pay the whales to avoid being sued, small investors have nothing left

This might be solution For example:

There is Circulating Supply 350 millions Lunas.
You have bought 1 Luna = 1 Luna
When the Circulating Supply is doubled to 700 millions Lunas.
You have bought 2 Luna with new Circulating Supply, That’s equals 1 Luna with old supply.

Distribution should depends on how much Circulating Supply was and When you have bought Luna. This might be good solution. It might be complex solution. It is not possible to burn Luna anyway. I give my opinion the rest on the team. I have no idea what should they do with UST.


Buy and burn only option, after UST are satisfied, UST first anyway - they bought stablecoin, not equity with upside.

Luna is destroyed and our money. The sad reality.

agree mostly. it is already not possible to track small holders, they might have sold and get a double dip on the compensation. we are only able to repay ust holders on a long time horizon. now we need to burn/lock luna tokens so the community can move forward. also lock ust to remove the selling pressure

valuable input, +vote