For all those complaining about new buyers, why aren't you buying?

Explain? We used our money to buy low. Why are you not buying? All you guys want is your money back. We want to make money over the long term. No one who is advocating a burn realistically believes that this won’t take more than 1 year or 2. So why are you going to accept fewer total coins which means less profit, while at the same time having to wait 2-4 years to even get those coins on a chain that has NO community support and isn’t listed on any exchanges? You could go right now and spend $50 and get a few million and wait for a burn. Over time people will cash out / need to buy stuff for their lives, etc. This will cause fewer people to have large amounts of Luna and people who are accumulating will raise price along with the burn. I don’t understand why you’re willing to accept a shit offer from someone who burned through billions and didn’t achieve anything.


This guy has a point :point_right:


Because they are too busy whining, bitching and crying. They are the embodiment of everything crypto is against. Crypto for all right? I call BS


I’m a new buyer and I’m down a few thousand buying Luna low … what does the form mean for me?

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How about reading the posts of Terra on Twitter and use your brain?


because buying will not make the token go up to how it was before. You will only spend more money so that some whale continues to fill his wallet