Fork or no fork, let’s find out what the community wants

  • Yes to fork
  • No to the fork

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All the talk of a fork has me wondering what the community really wants so I’m making this poll as a means to show where the majority of the community rests on the idea of a new chain.

Please vote

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Let team know to distribute people according to the current supply they bought at.
If someone bought at 1,2,40,60$ and supply was 400M-10B they would get according to that supply!
Don’t make them compete against 6.15T.
Or snapshot before the halt

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these votes are useless, they already decided guys, they DGAF about the community, they are the ones with voting power, we are just their exit liquidity, it worked well for terra1, and it may work well for terra2

those polls are useless indeed, as real voting will happen on-chain, starting tomorrow.