Fraudulent terra wallet

hi all, could you please tell me how terra deals with fraud?

i like privacy and decentralised. coin owners must be protected from totalitarian governments which become very obvious.

having said that, there must be a system in place to deal with fraud. luna payment to fake wallets. how does terra deal with that?

there are other examples like paid ransom for kidnapping.

how does terra protect coin holders in case of fraud or other felony? how does terra work with law enforcement?

success can only come with TRUST
please be specific

deal with fake wallets by not being stupid and not falling for scams, dont expect the ecosystem to bail you out.

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it is a crime and must be stopped. fbi is on it

It’s under and it will get to the bottom of this especially the one that actually started this DO that was a big mistake .
I didn’t make all this money bc I was stupid . But I acted that way to let you think your smart . Haha

It’s been reported to fbi and the right authorities and . You can’t take something I create it or fake it with your goons and send me viruses .I let you take all the credit but you went to far and I got you .