Freedom of Speech

With freedom of speech is getting violated by governments controlling the media, take Twitter and Facebook for instance (mainly due to shareholders ATM). But, if you take a look at communist countries like China and Russia, they already have banned these kinds of websites, which is not right. Everyone with a voice should be able to say something that is on there mind without having the fear of it being manipulated or taken down. Right now in Canada, Justin Trudeau is secretly trying to pass the bill C-11 while Canadians are asleep. The “idea” behind it is to have streaming sites, like Netflix, YouTube and others to show more Canadian content. But, they slipped in a clause saying they have the ability to censor social media accounts, which is a big no no in terms of freedom of speech, so this is where this idea comes from.

Right now, LUNC needs some sort of PR to get things moving, they need something that will not only grasp outsiders, but bring back the original supporters.

The idea is simple, yet a bit complex for my coding experience and needs some tweaking in the flaws behind it. As Elon Musk even iterated that freedom of speech no longer exists on social media, I’m proposing this community to develop a social media website that sends and stores block technology on the network. This will act as a great resource and tool for LUNC as to my knowledge it hasn’t been implemented yet.

If a government decides to block said domain hosting it, they will have a hard time blocking the viewings of block chains on the particular network LUNC and we can cross it over to the Ethereum network as well.

Although each message will require some LUNC to be sent, there are ways we can avoid most of the costs, but the idea is make LUNC useful again. There could be different levels of accounts based on the amount of LUNC you carry. These are the little tweek details that would need to be ironed out.

The proposal is to start a social media company that is dealt strictly over LUNC blockchain technology. We need quality developers to help implement, but would likely be easier than creating a social media company from scratch as the blockchain is already made, just needs to be manipulated in some ways.

I strongly believe this could make LUNC a valid resource and we could see a huge increase in demand from this technology.


Yes that is vital. Damage repair urgently in need and we need to show the wider community that we can move on without dictatorship and tyranny.

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