FTX CEO seems related to UST crash

Who use FTX? Can we ask the CEO on AMA session?

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Dude, this is an intelligence operation. Some of my posts calling it out last night were deleted. Do Kwon and Terra’s real “crime” is understanding how fiat currencies work and implementing the same system to compete.

Here is how it works in a nut shell so long as you have demand:
Create money → use money to buy hard assets

This is why the world’s wealthiest people have their own wealth in hard assets; they know their own fiat is a pyramid scheme and use the pyramid scheme along with legal tender laws to enforce a money monopoly that allows them to steal from people actually creating value in the economy, buy up all the assets, and then rent them out to the people they stole from. The workers become the bag holders.

Terra and DK created demand by 20% APY on Anchor.
The Federal Reserve creates demand by coercion, threats, and violence.
At least Terra and DK paid for the demand.

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no one will buy the V2 version, If the tokens were burned, trust in Tera would be restored when the launch of the new version of Do kwon deceived absolutely everyone. The V2 version of the future does not have 95%

I’m there are more suitable places for gossip