Gaming and burning

Hi all,

Gaming and burning…: ideal match i guess!

I like to reach to developers and influencers/YouTubers for this one.

Maybe a project to talk about @ClassyCrypto @HappyCattyCrypto @Cryptoking_NFT , Matthew G Perry and others i don’t know.

To developers because those are the people who have a different point off view and are the ones who can make these kind off programming, i don’t know who is the best developer for this but maybe this could be a developing project between the developers? It could beneficial for all!

To influencers/YouTubers because they would be the people who can make this project very big!!!

Here is what i like to share.

Most people in the world like to play games.
A game is ideal because a person gets something in return.

I am not sure about if this is the best but i was thinking about a game in a monopoly kind off way.

A game where people can buy and build a empire in the game, a worldwide game where all people will play against each other.

There need to be quests and puzzles inside the game, there is also a possibility where the gamer loses amounts off Lunc that will go to the burning adres but the gamer also has a possibility to gain Lunc aswel.

When a gamer wants to start they need to pay to get credits.

For example, the gamer pays 1000 Lunc or equivalent in Fiat, the gamer gets credits and lives to play with, from this 1000 Lunc the amounts will be a split to fill the faming pool, to send to the developers and to the burn wallet.

70/20/10 for example.

700 gaming pool
200 developers pool
100 burn adres

While the players are playing there need to be enough possibility to loose amounts of Lunc that will go directly to the burn wallet, when the person loose, he is loosing a life that is a equivalent of burning Lunc.

Maybe we could also make a 4th possibility that will automatically stake Lunc with all delegators

I believe that in a game there is so much potential that could be used and this could be available for the entire community.

Because people who don’t have access to station, could make a wallet in the game that could be connected with station.

Maybe i al seeing this all to easy but we are a very big community, if we all work togheter and for this one, play togheter, you see the amounts Lunc disappear every minute off the day!

A casino game is fun but a entire community games is for what I believe much bigger

I hope there are people in here who understand what I try to share.

I do like to help where i can but sadly i am not a programmer :pensive:


There’s some 4 new games in the works. (Google games on terra classic)
We got a few casinos as well.
Poker platform inc.


You develope these games?

No. I’m just informed about it through Google and Twitter.

Last week some MMO was also announced.

Point being the idea is not new and they all have Terra assets in use as payments or reward system.

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I have worked a LUNC burning game - Luncinerator with one of independent LUNC validators.
It is a casino game platform including multiplayer blackjack, video poker, slots game, and more.
After about 2 months of work, he closed the project due to financial issue.
If anyone here can support, I hope to continue the project.