Glowman's Double Standards

According to Glowman, it is enough that fiat is backed by “demand” but UST was “underbacked” by collateral. The agenda was obvious from the start: to kiII DK and Terraform’s’s involvement with Terra 2.0 before the fork and his Twitter account (in which he got 20,000 followers over a period of 11 hours while he was sleeping and inactive) is glowing more and more by the minute.

It is a pure hit job and this is not some “random guy without no power and connections” trying to do good. He is walking the TradFi shill line I’ve seen on these boards over two weeks over on Twitter and still refuses to question how Binance allowed a KYCed attacker to violate its ToS to du-mp UST on its exchanges causing the initial depeg.

Thats quite interesting. What are the rules a cex has to prevent such stuff as huge UST sell?

Binance KYC policies in reply below. Their ToS against market manipulation on their website.