Grant Proposal: Funding for BlueFish multichain Launchpad with Proof-of-Gamer concept

Hey, community!

We are developing a multichain Proof-of-Gamer launchpad and we want to make Terra one of the main blockchains on the platform and our Platinum Partner so that the community can get the maximum benefits from our partnership.

We publish our request for the Grant with a project description

Grant Proposal: Funding for BlueFish Launchpad

  • Project Name: BlueFish Launchpad
  • Team Name: BlueFish Launchpad
  • Payment Address: terra1v05tcr9r86ptclqtwrfpa9qcknan3trhj8fhql

Bluefish Launchpad is developing a truly fair gaming multichain launchpad to help games, gamers, and other IGO participants to get equal opportunity to buy games tokens for the same price for all tiers that will bring stability for token price after exchange listing.

Guild gamers and other proven players can get guaranteed allocation.
No bots, no lotteries, we only reward the real gaming community.

Launchpad’s features:

  1. One price for all participants and all tiers
  2. 3 tiers with different ticket size
  • 1st tier – Private sale. 1 ticket - $50K. Participants (allocation): 50% - Game Guilds, 50% - Launchpad’s partners

  • 2nd tier – Pre-Sale. 1 ticket - $10K. Participants (allocation): 50% - Game Influencers, Gamers, Launchpad’s partners, 50% - Game community

  • 3rd tier – Public Sale. 1 ticket - $100. Participants: 100% Gamers with Proof-of-Gamer.

  1. Growth marketing campaign for 6 months included in the start package.

Incubator & Accelerator

Our focus lies in the product; we want to help teams make the best game they can, and to develop their team’s skills in the process.

The goal is to help establish sustainable games and make them grow and become profitable as quickly as possible. By doing so, The Bluefish Incubator will help expand the Blockchain games industry.

Our offer is customizable, and tier-based, allowing teams to select the services that their team needs.

The package can include: launch strategy, advising and mentorship from P2E game industry veterans, tokenomics building, development services, legal & accounting services, PR & marketing, sponsorships, publishing.

Additionally, select teams may be eligible for funding of up to $50 K in cash.

For partners:

Platinum Partner (PP)
$1M investment in platform with PP tokens through DAO (28% initial, 72% monthly over 1 year)


  • Platinum Partner tokens will be used on the launchpad for 1 year as the platform’s native token - lots of demand, publicity, utility/lock, and new users for your token
  • Guaranteed allocation in each project - $250K
  • After 1 year - PP will get BlueFish native tokens for $500K value

Gold Partners (5 slots)
$50K investment in the platform through DAO


  • Guaranteed allocation in each project - $50K
  • After 1 year to get platform’s tokens of $50K value
  • Only 5 slots for partners

Games guilds (10 slots):

  1. Guaranteed token allocation in Tier 1 - $50K - For Guild
  2. Guaranteed token allocation in Tier 2 - $30K - For best gamers or Guild (3 tickets)
  3. Guaranteed token allocation in Tier 3 - $10K - For best gamers (100 tickets for each guild)
  4. No risks. No need to invest anything in the BlueFish Launchpad just a partnership
  5. Only 10 slots in Tier 1 for the Guilds with guaranteed allocation

Guild’s benefits

  • Guild can reward their best gamers with a guaranteed allocation of tokens to invest in new games.
  • Guild’s gamers can buy tokens at the same price as top VC, giving gamers the added value of being part of the Guild.
  • Guild’s gamers will be able to make money by co-investing through the Guild, not just by playing games.


We want to bring equality in P2E games for investors at all different levels. Only Web3 can give real equality no matter how rich each participant is. We give the same opportunity for each participant to make money by investing in awesome games and becoming the first adopter of these games.

Our incubator and accelerator will help with advising and mentoring young game studios and teams that will create great games on the top blockchains.

Benefits for Terra Ecosystem

BlueFish launchpad will use Terra blockchain and Terra wallet as one of our blockchains for all participants. Many gamers will learn about Terra and will experience high-speed and cheap transactions of Terra Ecosystem. Game devs can use Terra for integration with their games to get the maximum benefits.

If the Terra community becomes a Platinum Partner of the project, the community will be able to invest through DAO in the best games coming out on our Launchpad. Also, we would like to make it possible to reward the most active members of the Terra community.

We can launch the Terra Incubator & Accelerator program to support new games on the Terra Blockchain

Game studios and teams will be able to create great games on the Terra blockchain and participate in Terra’s incubation and acceleration program.


  • The rich crypto funds always have a price advantage when participating in early tiers of IGO. Rich guys become richer and dump on the rest.
  • Games must offer a huge discount for the different tiers of IGO and lose a lot of money.
  • Gamers are mostly not able to invest in the games in early stages on IGO because of crypto funds or can’t benefit too much due to the small allocation on the public sale
  • After trading on exchanges starts, the crypto funds typically sell a lot of tokens and the token price drops, so smaller investors suffer.
  • Very poor post-IGO marketing that leads to the continuous fall of the price of the token


  • Same price for all tiers of IGO. All participants are on an equal footing, no one has a price advantage.
  • Different allocations depend on the tier of IGO.
  • Proof-of-Gamer for participants of two tiers.
  • Huge marketing support for the post-IGO period of 6 months. Help with listing on top-tier exchanges and market-making support


Games community social networks launch, concept discussion – Q1, 2022

Beta platform launch with Terra, Polygon, BSC blockchains – Q2, 2022

First IGO launch – Q2, 2022

Solana, Fantom, NEAR, Avalanche, Harmony blockchains are candidates to be added – Q3, 2022

Games analytics, review features – Q3, 2022

Crypto Game Incubator & Accelerator launch – Q4, 2022

BlueFish native token launch – Q1, 2023


Eduard Dzhamgaryan – CEO, Serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of business experience in different industries. Started companies with 200+ employees and $40M+ annual revenue. $100M+ in 10+ ICO raising experience since 2017

Stepan Cherepanov - CTO, blockchain development, customer development, software engineering

Pavel Laletin – PM / Project Lead, several projects in the mobile/web and crypto space. Co-founder of TechGrind Incubator. Serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor.

Team of developers - 5 developers with blockchain and software development skills.
2 Frontend/UX, 1 Solidity, 2 Fullstack


Total hours allocated: 6,000 - 7,000 hours

Total cost: $300K - $350K

The project is currently under development.

Min Ask: 100K UST

Platform development – 100K UST

Max Ask: 1,2M UST

Platform development – 100K UST

Terra Incubation & Acceleration program – 100K UST

Platinum Partnership (LUNA token will be used as our platform’s token) – 1M UST (28%, then linearly over 1 year)