Have "Hide small balances" be based on value of coin instead of volume

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to bring up a very minor UI improvement that can be made to the “Hide small balances” function in Terra Station. Currently, I’m not too sure what the criteria is for a coin to be considered to have a small balance but I’ll give an example below:

In my wallet for example, I could have 0.5 LUNA, 5 KRT, 3 UST and 0.5 MNT. When I click “Hide small balances”, what it does is keep the 5 KRT and 3 UST shown, while hiding the 0.5 LUNA and 0.5 MNT. Which leads me to believe that the function takes the absolute amount of each coin and hides them if they are say <1 (as a guess).

I feel like whether a balance is small should be based on the actual value of the coin instead. Since 0.5 LUNA is worth more than 3 UST and definitely much more than 5 KRT, the resultant should be showing the 0.5 LUNA and 3 UST, while hiding the 5 KRT and 0.5 MNT.

It’s a very small and minor issue but one that I feel can improve the Terra Station UI a little when it comes to this function. Just wanted to get a feel if other people likewise noticed this and would like this to be improved upon.