Help all impacted holders

TFL, Do Kwon and validators, you are still not listening to the people who bought above 1 when the coin was declining. We also lost a considerable amount of money as you were telling people to stay calm and actions were being taken. We need a more favorable accommodation for these buyers leading up to the exchange halt.


stfu all yall pseudo supporters want is to become millionaires at the expense of pre attack holders through burning

Wrong! Millions bought during the time when the circulating supply was still < 10 billion and with the new fork we would get nothing even though we invested at much higher value than the current buyers where the circulating supply is at 6.5trillion. Yeah the people screwed the most don’t include current buyers now because they can buy by the boatloads, but the transitory period were they were hyperinflating seriously mostly late 5/11 and early 5/12 when it started going from a billion to 100s of billions. They will be lumped into the 6.5 Trillion marketcap instead of their respective market caps when they purchased. This will make their stake in the Luna ~ 0.


Everyone should be equal

There should be three snapshots

Before the attack
Before the last halt
After the last halt resume (People who still buying now)

That is fair. What he is doing now its not fair for people who bought during 8 to 12 may

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