Help understand how blockchain works

Friends, help me better understand this nature of questions:

  1. We all know that the blockchain is a network whose operation does not depend on 1 person. But as far as I know, the creator of the blockchain has a key that can stop the blockchain from working. Does this mean that the creator of the blockchain, if desired, can destroy it or turn it off?

2.When the USTC collapsed, someone stopped the blockchain. Tell me, what other functions does the creator of the blockchain have and how can he influence the network?

  1. Is there a link between LUNC and USTC now? What does it take to make USTC worth $1 again?

4.Who currently has the design source from Terra Station? Can I get these sources for further work with them?

  1. The LUNA blockchain is built on the Cosmos SDK blockchain, can anyone influence the operation of the Cosmos blockchain and do I understand correctly that if the Cosmos SDK blockchain is disabled, then its entire ecosystem, including the Terra blockchains, will collapse?



Does no one know the answers? How do we build the dex then? )))))

Is there a kind of terra classic wiki out there? I am also searching informations.

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I am searching for more Lunc specific topics. Which Pool exists, who control the pools, who take care of the Code…. What is actually broken… But you are correct - the Headline is wrong.

If you look at the right hand upper corner, you’ll see menus.
There’ll you’ll see links to the website and so forth.
It has information about it.

Then you can dwell into manuals. Search engine query: Terra classic manuals

Lastly, you can browse github as the chain did crash in '22 and no one from Community has updated the docs, I believe.

The set of validators control the stopping and starting of the blockchain. Not the ‘creator’.