Helping the Terra community because Do Kwan refuses to

I’ve gone ahead and made a fully transparent donation/gofundme style page to collect and distribute funds. It’s 100% non-profit and I will literally do anything I can to make sure the community can trust donating to this. I’m talking updating when I can, etherscan for every donation and more. The twitter is [redacted] and the website is on there. If people want this gone then I don’t care and I’ll shut it down.


Sigh if enough big whales pooled their earnings they could still bail out the 99.5% of UST holders who lost everything

Is this for LUna holders or ust ?

What about people that had their money on exchanges like Binance or crypto etc

Whales are selfish though, why would they actually help the people in need. They only want to become multi-millionaires/billionaires ’

Both holders, for people on other exchanges, we just need strong proof that you actually own/ed the assets.

Thank you @PandaGames69. Can you work with us on our 1 Terra Community Telegram group to get this going? This money can be best used to help maintain critical infrastructure systems while we all figure out what’s the next best step to get the original Terra in case anything were to happen. Do Kwon has already made the decision to focus his attention on Terra v2. At least he should do us a favor and let us take over Terra v1 before it gets decommissioned.

Validators are starting to drop off. This is a real problem.

Kickstarter experience says that donations should be given gifts or products at a discount. The experience of Kickstarter tells how effectively the donation mechanism works.

What do you want to give backers?

I truly want to believe you want to help the community, but it could also be 100% a sc am.
Therefore, I want to take no risk and deleted the link.