Here's my take on the r/place like event to burn LUNC

Drg_Ggvg 's idea interested me but i changed a few things…
first of all, you don’t own any pixels… you just get some pixel balance when you burn lunc and that’s it, no smart contract or transaction per pixel… it’s just too complicated for both sides in my opinion… in this version you can just burn a million lunc and get 100000 pixels at once without wasting time.

you just have to burn using the official burn wallet or donate lunc tokens with a specific memo, enter the tx-hash and that’s it, pixels are added to your account. i’m not selling the pixels, you’re not owning them… it’s just a little encouragement to make people burn. and we can have some fun, create something as a community in the process…

ui is pretty basic but the core functionality should be fine, everything seems to be working
here’s the link

here’s a demo link, you can test the canvas system, no registration required to paint place

This is some nonsense.