How did the vote start with 11 MILLION votes?

I have been watching the votes from the start and the votes started at 11 million. How is this possible without bot votes.


You vote with your token, not with a user.
11M vote means there is 11M token in favor.

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i guess you are one of those “new supporters” who don’t understand how governance works at all.
i’ll explain it to you.

one of the first votes was from validator DSRV, to whom people delegated ~11 million luna for staking. this is his voting power.
so, he voted “No with veto” here - Terra Finder.

and his voting power of ~11 million luna was reflected in the poll.

further, if delegators don’t cast votes - it defaults to the validator’s choice, but if they do - it doesn’t.
some of the DSRV delegators voted for themselves with a different vote, for instance Terra Finder, hence it is not ~11 million anymore, but less.

so before screaming “rigged!” or “sca m!” maybe first try to understand how it works?