How much LUNA Total Supply is needed to restore peg?

Hi, maybe somebody knows the math to calc how much Luna needs to be inflated to restore UST Peg?

I think about 6-8 billion total supply Luna, whats your opinion on this?

Since this isn’t getting done in one shot, i would assume close to 100 billion and won’t be surprised if it goes past a trillion. The reason being more swing traders and punters keep swinging as this isn’t a quick fix and might take days to peg. Need better communication from DoKwon.


The pegging facility has limited capacity per day. In the last two days it was able to burn ~1B UST per day. We still have 12.5B UST supply out there. God knows how much of it are looking to unwind / sell, but I assume it’ll be the majority of them. Prop 1164 would speed it up about 4x, but it needs 6 days to go into effect.

So we still have ~10 days to fully unwind this, assuming the peg arbitrageurs can keep going.

How much UST needs to be burned to reach peg?

How much of the 12.5B UST are backed by real value? Is it “only” the Luna marketcap, or are still some of the btc backing ust available?

btw. thx for your answer!

This is the painful part I’m afraid. Technically, if the market is willing to buy up $1B worth of LUNA from the peg arbitrageurs in a day, even if LUNA’s market cap is just $100M - the arbitrageurs can still burn $1B worth of UST for that day. The question is… how long can this go on?

The LFG dashboard still shows ~$53M of holdings by the LFG at this moment, and there’s also an unknown amount of Bitcoin that they loaned out to market makers 2 days ago. So it would be unreasonable for LUNA’s market cap to go below LFG’s disclosed holdings at least. But the market is absolutely crazy right now, so who knows what will happen.

thx, your answer was very helpful!