How to burn LUNA with hard forking

[For the sake of convenience, I will say the old LUNA as LUNAC and the new LUNA as LUNA, assuming a hard fork]


New LUNA users need to burn LUNAC to receive LUNA airdrop.


There is still debate about LUNA hard forking.
Many people want LUNAC to play its original role again.
However, it is impossible without burning LUNAC.
If LUNAC does its job, UST will eventually find its place (1$).


  1. The main purpose of those who buy LUNAC is to receive LUNA airdrops.
  2. In order to get LUNA airdrop, LUNAC should be staked on specific place.
  3. people who staked LUNAC will get LUNA_Pre token(Temporarily).
  4. LUNA is going to be airdropped according to the ratio with LUNA_pre.
  5. A bunch of LUNA_C will be staked on specific place, and it will be burnt by Terra.
  6. Total supply of LUNA_C is going to be dropped sharply.
  7. LUNA_Cā€™s total market cap would be bigger than UST market cap.
  8. It means LUNA_C will be able to support UST like a month ago.
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do you think is it easy to list on those exchanges ? luna already available too many exchanges , forks or any new coin need this process from beginning who and when you can list new coin on cex , no one will buy it also current luna will get de-list too , all destroyed ppl trust

I agree this proposal. The rules of the airdrop can be changed to receive NEW LUNA and need to destroy OLD UST/LUNA. Let people choose to go or stay.

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