How to recover funds?

Good evening

During the airdrop on Telegram few hours ago, I was trying to participate and I’ve sent 0.1109 Bitcoin from my Binance account to the address which was generated for me on the webpage.
Probably I’ve done something wrong, I’ve withdrawn almost 4000$in Bitcoin to this address, and I dont know how to recover those funds. Perhaps I should’ve deposited those funds I dont know I got all transactions ID etc but God knows if my money can be recovered.
I was hoping to get something, and I’ve lost. Sometimes I think just crypto is not for me cos I got only loses.
How to recover this?

There was no airdrop on Telegram.
You are probably on a fake group with sc ammers.

I’m confused there was official channel on telegram called [edit by mods: redacted scаm link] with poll 100000000 BTC to participate in airdrop.
There were legit people with legit website to send BNB, Bitcoin, AVAX, ETH and receive 3 times as a recompensate for lost funds during crash.

I’m lost

@nebelwerfer what you describe is a 100% scаm, including the website you mentioned.
don’t know why you decided anything about that was legit, it is absolutely not.
people that were pretending that it works are either bots or scаmmers, same as the creators of that scаm group.

so unfortunately, it is very unlikely you can get your funds back.
be careful with scаms, only trust official links/groups.
anything that says “send us 1 btc, we’ll send you back 3 btc” is a scаm.
anything that says “you need to validate your wallet, insert your seed phrase here” is a scаm.
and so on.

Not first grea transaction in my life, probably never get it back, but it was so real everyone would fall for it.