How Voting Works


I have been looking at the propsosals on the terra station and the voting. Can someone explain to me how the voting works and how many votes a proposal needs to pass?

From my understanding, there are community voters and validator voters. Do the community votes have any value?

There are vetoes, abstinance, yes and no votes.

How many votes does something need to pass? And how is Do Kwon involved? Does he have to approve the proposal once it’s voted on?


There’s a detailed doc on their website: Governance — Terra Docs documentation

Never got deeply into Terra voting although I always vote in the Cosmos/Osmosis chains but basically you need to reach a Quorum, and from the Quorum you need to have the majority of yes votes, without having too many vetoes. So say, if the Quorum is 66%, 66% of voting power should have voted and from there, 50% should have said yes, and let’s say less than 25% of vetoes, you get the idea.

However, I believe delegating is stopped for now so if you aren’t staked right now you cannot vote, AFAIK. Not too sure if they resumed it though.


delegation is still disabled, correct.