I have a proposal for how to compensate UST holders, be sure to check it out!

Those loyal and small depositors should be compensated first, I assumed a formula, very simple to understand, but very reasonable. The most faithful and the highest percentage of small compensation:

Loyalty X Amount X Time away from anchor X Deposit Amount Range = Final Compensation

Loyalty coefficient highest = 1, lowest = 0.5
The size of this value depends on the user’s saving time in the anchorprotocol
6 months ≥ =1
5 months ≥ =0.9
4 months ≥ =0.8
3 months ≥ =0.7
2 months ≥ =0.6
Less than 2 months = 0.5

The time to leave the anchorprotocol is converted into a factor
May 9 No compensation
May 10 = 0.8
May 11 = 0.9
May 12 = 1

Deposit Amount Range
5001-100000 =0.95
100001-500000 =0.9
500000-1000000 =0.8
…and so on, the specific value will be given by the team according to the specific situation.

[Then suppose I have 100,000 UST stored in the anchorprotocol for 5 months, and then I transfer the money out of UST on May 11 (excluding the interest during this period). Then the final compensation I get is:]

0.9 X 100000 X 0.9 X 0.95 = $76950

The money can be paid 50% upfront and the rest in monthly installments

I think it’s very fair and compresses the overall payout to those who are most loyal and have less money

This proposal is very simple, and the specific values ​​need to be studied by the team. I very much hope that people in the team or people with community influence can see this post and refer it to the compensation plan, or everyone can publicize the concept of this formula. , good for all of us