I realized the only way to save Luna/Terra is for him to step down from Terra

Ignoring the most of the community and traders/investors around the world,
all these selfish developers and validators who support him

the only way to save luna and Terra is for them to step down, basically resign from their positions

Why I do feel like it’s like a dictatorship of small group and governance or community and users don’t matter any more?

If they do not wanna step down, then just let them go on with whatever they wanna do
and it is finally the time for Terra to separate into two and start over. Let them enjoy theirs and
we should continue ours.

It is freaking depressing because I started to think that Terra and luna going under Binance could actually be better


A group of investors are preparing to file a class action lawsuit against Kwon. The movement is being prepared by members of an online community hosted on Naver and named Lunascam. More than 1,700 members are subscribed to the community since it was created on May 13.

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