I think understand why NEW Luna

It is all about Do Kwon’s newly born baby girl Luna. Think about this.

I think he will do everything to make this project a success by the way, this will be his life quest.

He can do that ONLY after he makes UST holders whole, otherwise NEW Luna will always be under legal prosecution.


He already sold Terra Classic’s rights to an anonymous tycoon. It will be announced after the fork. I hope the new leader will revive Luna Classic to where it belongs once… That’s why he doesn’t care about rescuing true Luna.

UST holders have a snowball’s chance in hell to be made whole. Everything is geared to screw those people over and do what he, the validators and the devs want.
The thing is, 90% of people holding UST and LUNA hate him and will never trust him, especially how he’s handling these rigged proposals.

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Where does such information come from?