I was expecting about 80 new Luna and only got 19... Had 60,49 since 18th April...

I bought 60,49 Luna on Binance since 18 April 2022. I bought another 1.252.630 during the attack. I moved them all to Terra Station Wallet on 2022-05-16 at 17:33. I received airdrop on Terra Station Wallet 19,176083. 5.752825 unvested and 13.423258 vested.

Shouldn’t i get 62,59112444479 new Luna for my 60,49 pre attack Luna + another 19,17518788599802 for the ones i bought during the attack?

I read in some threads that my pre attack Luna (60,49) will convert to new Luna on our Binance accounts, even though we have moved them to Terra Station Wallet after. Is this information correct?

Steps To Reproduce Issue
I can send you all my transactions made on Binance

Expected Result
Get the appropriate amount of new Luna also for the ones i had before the attack.

Actual Result
Lets see…

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)

Your Pre-attack airdrop will be distributed by binance to your binance wallet.

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