If LUNA wants to be resurrected, please stop courting the old people, come in and read the posts and replies, let the stupid administrators see

Forgive me for being ruthless, but it’s the truth! The whales of LUNA don’t have a dime now, they don’t deserve 40% or more of LUNA 2.0 to allocate to them, their ideas are very good, no one in the world will be willing to pay for them!
LUNA 2.0 people who need to embrace the current LUNA holders, because LUNA will die at any time, it is the current buyers who bring them back to life. If the LUNA official can introduce more discounts to allow more people to participate, then first LUNA will Resurrection will return to the top 20, and there will still be a market value of tens of billions of dollars. Only when LUNA is resurrected can we hope to return the profits to the former whales. If you allocate LUNA2.0 to the whales, no one will agree, even now Buyers may smash the market and let LUNA die directly. You can’t and have no hope of resurrecting. Those former whales will never be able to get their money back. I say these are ruthless, but this is the truth! Please consider resurrecting LUNA first, and then consider who to distribute the assets to. The first priority is definitely those who hold LUNA coins now, not the previous whales


Are you taking abou the people who holds 1 Billions of tokens? :joy:

Of course, without them, LUNA is now worth 60 million US dollars. They want to revive the former whale, which is a joke! But if they can distribute 100% LUNA2.0 to the current holders, then countless new people will join, LUNA will be resurrected, then since LUNA is resurrected, there will be funds to resurrect the former whales, please understand the benefits relationship, or one step is wrong, LUNA will become history, and all the whales that were once will have nothing.

Please understand that everyone, including the former whales, you are already history, and you used to be able to control the situation! Now, sorry! You have nothing, you are not worthy of allocating 40% of LUNA2.0, although it is cruel, please understand! The primary task now is to allow more people to join the blockchain, accumulate funds quickly, and resurrect LUNA. This requires LUNA officials to give greater discounts to existing holders of LUNA coins. Without these, there will be no market sentiment. No more people will join, resurrection LUNA will not exist! On the contrary, if this is done, it will be possible to revive LUNA, and only if it is resurrected, will there be funds to save the former whale! If the order is reversed, LUNA will become history, and the former whales will also become history with LUNA

When you are a bargain buy, you should agree to this post and reply, express your opinion! Your actions will make the management realize that they are so stupid, it’s not their job to assign the former whales, the former whales are already and they have no value now! They don’t deserve to own 40% or more. These coins can attract more people to participate in LUNA and revive LUNA instead of assigning it to people who have nothing. No one will pay for them. If you are a bottom hunter, you should top the post. We, whales are a joke, and LUNA’s resurrection is impossible! On the contrary, more people revive LUNA, and the revival of whales is inevitable! You should reply when you fucking read it, I don’t even know what you’re here for?

Check the proposal burn and remedy, basically buts an amount % each sale.

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Managers, you don’t even need to fork, you don’t need to develop a new LUNA 2.0, you just need to find a way to get more people to buy, take advantage of the current FOMO mood, and let LUNA return to the top 20 rankings, you will have the funds to do anything If you still decide to please a group of people who have nothing, of course they are the former whales, then it will only reduce the participation of more people, without more people participating, LUNA will not be resurrected! You fucking people who read the post don’t reply at all, are you bottom hunters? Or the one who used to have nothing?

I see that most people in the community don’t understand what is most important at all. They discuss and discuss, they don’t know that more people will buy LUNA coins to revive LUNA? Can you fucking holders come in and reply? Tears of those who have nothing can bring LUNA back to life? ? ?

What is virtual currency? Is it emotion? Is it charity? Where did the market value of LUNA come from? The fucking let more people hold, instead of sympathizing with the victim, resurrection! resurrection! resurrection! First of all, resurrection, without resurrection, it will never be possible to compensate, try everything, even 100% of LUNA2.0 is allocated to current buyers, instead of pity those former whales


Once the whale, you have nothing now, you can only pray for the resurrection of LUNA, and they can save you! If you still have any savings, you must also buy now, and let more people buy in, first revive LUNA and restore rank 20, otherwise you will not be able to get the previous money

I don’t understand why so many people see it and don’t reply? Are you victims? Are you the owner? Does all this have nothing to do with you? You only have to reply, so that more people can see, everyone must spend everything to buy LUNA coins, even if it is a charitable donation, you must buy and resurrect LUNA, why don’t you reply? Do you have any other way? Do you want to get your deposit back?

Let all blockchain people buy LUNA, this is the only possibility of success, don’t develop new LUNA 2.0, you will just go to jail, let everyone buy, help LUNA restore the ranking of 20, they can stand up and save A former victim, and now you need to reply to this post, you need to buy LUNA coins, you are a charitable act, and it will also bring you wealth!

Anyone go buy LUNA, don’t stop, don’t sell, we will win, keep buying don’t sell, LUNA will return to 10 ranking

You can fully borrow or copy the MAKERDAO and DAI solutions from UST. You only need to restore LUNA to rank 10. UST temporarily learn from the operation mechanism of DAI. Once LUNA restores its ranking, we can slowly update the algorithm without forking. You will perish!

Anyone go buy LUNA, don’t stop, don’t sell, we will win, keep buying don’t sell, LUNA will return to 10 ranking

Apparently the managers don’t know who the important people are, the people who used to be penniless and LUNA is dying, the people who are buying now are your dads, you have to get more people to buy, you have to first Resurrection, you LUNA is qualified to save the previous people! And you’re trying to drive away the people who are buying, you want to resurrect UST, that’s a result no one wants to see, you should know that if no more people buy, you’re gone forever,
Follow the advice of CZ, they are stronger than you, listen to the powerful

Now LUNA is like a dying person. Your priority is to promote more people to buy it and resurrect it first, instead of making a special decision to please those who have nothing. You can’t resurrect them, and they will never get the money. ! And the person who holds LUNA now and the person who is about to buy LUNA is your father, and you have to please them 100%

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What you say is correct in principle. If Bitcoin drops to 2 USD, and you buy it, it is the same Bitcoin as the ones bought at 69k. However, at this moment, the developers and validators hold a lot old Luna, that is why if there is a fork, they will give a large share of coins to old Luna holders. And Luna cannot survive without them.

LUNA 2.0 wouldn’t even be listed, save the og LUNA instead!