I'm going to suicidee

I lost all of my money in luna. It was not much like $2K but due to hyper-inflation in Turkey, it is so hard to achieve it.

Someone has to commit suicidee and make sacrifices so that some win



Hang in there, Savas @svsdmr05 Sir,

Don’t you want to see how the Terra team are going to turn this whole thing around?

Things will get better, you’ll see. :heart:


Paramizi geri ödeyin

Smh in the expense of lives ? :rofl:

Honestly fck you!!! Who tells people to commit s**de? FCKKKK YOUUUU :fu::fu:t4::fu:t2::fu:t3::fu:t6:

Hold on, all the money will be compensated, I lost 42k dollars

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It’s never worth it. Your life is worth so much more!!! I was homeless lost everything. I lived on food stamps less then $100 a month. I tried to commit su*cide so many times a few of them made me wind up in the hospital. I was committed to a mental institution. I went from that, to starting four successful business, traveling to over 40 countries for the businesses that I created. Life is so precious. Never ever give up. Your doing favors for no one! With time it get better!!! The more suffering you have the more successful you will be. I lost alot in Luna too!!


It’s Hard, if you believe in some religion or some God, I don’t know, But he is with you and will comfort you to get through it, and LUNA is working 24/7 to solve this pain

Hey bro. Give some more time. Surely things gonna be okay. Sucidee is not a solution. You will remorse down there if you proceed.

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Just relax. It’s just money. Everything will be alright

Rather than that, you should be questioning Binance, Gemini, and OTC traders, who know the identity of the attacker, allowed the attacks to happen using their platforms violating their Terms of Service, and are staying silent.

Don’t do that. We are pushing for compensation. Im sure some sort of resolution will be reached. Stay positive!