Important Question for old and new Investors

What if the 10% post investers do not use airdrop to convert to V 2 and wants to hold Luna Classic, what happens to that 10%? Where is money for 1 Billion V2 and it seems after conversion old investors will still loose 90%. So why the fork? Can we do some math exercise?

There is a math exercise here. Reboot the old network, and then sell the new one to new investors. All attempts to ask to perform actions that would help the token holder - they are absolutely useless.
There is such an anecdote. The patient is lying in a wheelchair, and he is being taken to the morgue. He is lying in a wheelchair and asks - can you still try to cure me? Maybe something can be done so that I don’t…?
And the orderly says - the doctor said to the morgue, so we’re taking you to the morgue.