Incentivice the use of UST by making anchor sustainable

we have to make people willing to keep the UST, after all there isn’t liquidity enough to sell the UST at a decent price. So why dont keep it in anchor in the meantime.

If i could sell the UST at the same price as today in 2 Month, but in the meantime win rewards (that are sustainable, not contribuiting to the inflation of UST and making the UST worth less) I would keep the UST.

Stop the nonsense of the 20% of rewards in Anchor and make it the solution to the UST problem (as always).
Anchor Should change the APY and actually offers what they generate, and pay them in other stablecoins (USDC, USDT, DAI, BUSD).
This may contribute to other people to buy UST (at discount) and increase the price.
could give time to TFL to figure it out what to do.