Introduce every month, 1-day staking rewards burn

Introduce every month, 1-day staking rewards burn.

Burn Speed Up

Idea is simple. I propose to initiate every month 1 (random?) day of burning ALL of staking rewards.
ATM we have 883,457,949,855 bonded LUNC. It means at actual APR, one day of burning could reduce approx. 720M LUNC. It’s not big amount overall, but we need a lot of different initiatives to speed up burn.
There was few proposals similar to this one, but all of them “hit” stakers to much. I believe one day without “payout” is something, that we are all able to accept.

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Forget it. People don’t get it that this is the fastest way to burn big amounts.

I stake with All Nodes and I burn all my rewards. If Lunc ever gets to 0.01 majority of stakers will be multimillionaires anyway so I don’t get it why they need those rewards.

Rewards burn = less supply = higher lunc price


A lesser supply of lunc will result in the market cap being divided less meaning a higher value of each lunc… simple math. I also do not understand why people refuse to support mass burn offs of staking rewards and the ETH wallet converted to lunc… those burns positively affect everyone who holds lunc.