İnvolve us in the process

I think the community is wrong about one thing.It’s not the people who buy lunas when the price drops, it’s the company you directly invest in that makes you lose your money.

The luna you bought with a lot of money was very cheap for me and other people like me.but we are not responsible for this. While we were trying to make money, we actually unintentionally supported you.

The ostracizing attitude of both the luna company and the community is very frustrating.

“Yes, let the old luna owners take the damage, the new ones can’t…”
Why don’t we penalize former luna owners who increase in quantity while the price drops?

The company is considering its own money and the community supports this ridiculous idea.

at least for myself, İ dont wanna hardfork.

involve us in the process. SUPPORT ME !


An email has arrived. ‘‘Contact live support to get free luna.’’

He told me that only those who buy a luna before the fall can get free lunas.

WHICH ONE? This is fascism.

I am against hard fork as well. Hard fork will only be good to wipe out our investments into thin air, and they’ll get away with it by saying it’s our responsibility we bought. As if people who will lose all or most of their money in the process, will invest again in Terra 2.0 and trust it again. Well, if they have a peanut instead of a brain, they’ll invest again in this shit for sure.
But I basically gave up now, my funds are screwed. Do Kwon master of shitcoins did it again. I hope he meets the flames of hell quite soon


I agree with you. Old or New, every Luna owner has supported the company. In fact, it’s the new owners supported far more as they put their faith and money in the company during the worst of all times… whereas old luna owners became owners when everything was right and things were good.


The company aims to save money by diverting unhappy investors to fascism.

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They’ll avoid this matter by labelling our supporting this shitcoin while they traced its way to hell as “being speculators or traders and not luna hodlers”. Therefore it’s our responsibility and they’ll wipe out all our funds with a reset.
Ust had gone up to 80cents and I thought it was gonna repeg soon and they had it under control, while luna wasn’t going less than $1 anymore while ust had risen from 70cents to 80cents. @shitkwon disappeared from Twitter and just said everything would be fine, that’s where they misled me to think it would be fine and a good time to actually join this shit ecosystem.

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think DK needs to explain where are the LFG BTC before he can do anything

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I’m highly against to hard fork, the project, luna is alive, with new holders who helped this new hype it’s outrageous stab them, hard fork it’s nothing decentralized.

I will keep asking where did all the BTC went? And btw the BTC it doesn’t worth $69k at this times so another reason to catalyst the failure of the new token if they do hard fork, Do! Stop being so stubborn and learn from it.

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instead, he runs his company like a socialist state.
Do kwon’s close friends have tweets that criticize socialism badly and praise free markets and decentralization.

Here we made a bet in free market conditions. I don’t care about your damn company. My only goal is to make money and I won’t let you confiscate the lunas I bought.

I’m sorry if trying to protect my own interests betrays you, I will continue to do so.