ISPO as a way to increase the LUNC value - Thoughts, Opinions?

On behalf of the Terra Rebels Alliance:

I would like to reach out to community, before writing an actual proposal, regarding an idea that would increase the staking pool value, and as a consequence, increase the value of LUNC. As the community thoughts count, we need your opinions regarding the value of this undertaking.

You can find more information about ISPO here:

What’s an ISPO - An initial stake pool offering (ISPO) is one of many ways for a crypto project to raise funds.
It is a relatively new approach to crypto fundraising and was first introduced on the Cardano blockchain.

In essence, project teams start staking/validtor pools in which LUNC holders stake their tokens.
Afterward, the project team pays the LUNC delegators through tokens from the project.
At the same time, the pool operators take all or a percentage of the LUNC rewards to fund their projects.

This will also make the network more decentralised as there will be more validators and the token’s will be more spread out.

Nevertheless, as outlined in the blog posted above, should the voting pass, we would focus on solving the mentioned problems long-term. This also means that the wallet software as well as the pooling will have an update, and that we will have to coordinate this with Terra Rebels, as well as the validators. We are looking at this implementation after the burn period is over or as soon as the price of LUNC reaches enough to secure the proper funding.

Thank you kindly for your input, much appreciated!

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Good Idea!

Currently energy prices hikes maintenance costs. So a validator cannot survive without rewards.
Also people seems don’t want to stake with low APR. No rewards at all isn’t a good thing.
Just because not sustainable in 2022.

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سلام چرا لونا۲ را که تازه ساخته شده و کسی علاقه ای بهش ندارد خرابش نمیکنید و هزینه اش را خرج لوناکلاسیک و یو اس تی کنید اینجوری تمام مشکلات حل میشوند و با کمک ایجاد مالیات و استیکینگ همه مردم دنیا خوشحال و ضرر همه جبران میشود و باعث بوجود امدن اعتماد و شکوفایی در بازار کریپتو میشود زیرا از زمان حمله به لوناکلاسیک اعتماد مردم کلا از بین رفت وشما بجای راه حل اومدین با تولید لونا ۲ مشکل را دوبرابر کردید و صورت مساله را پاک کردید بجای حل مساله امدید نام لونای اصلی را به لوناکلاسیک تغییر دادید ایا شما با تغییر نام خواستید ضرر ۴۰۰ میلیارد دلاری مردم را جبران کنید و الان که مردم خودشون دارن لوناکلاسیک را درست میکنند چرا باز سنگ جلوی راهشون میاندازید لطفا دست از این کارهای بیهوده بردارید شما دارید کاری میکنید که تمام مردم از اسم ترا بیزار بشن و دیگر هیچ توکنی از شما را نخرند.

Not sure if translator issue, but I have done no such thing! Please use English if you want to be understood properly.