I've done the math

This plan is a suspect. Anyone who didn’t buy the absolute bottom of the dip gets robbed unless they plan to make Luna 2 around 500 per token.

Where is the money that TFL funneled out of this project??

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Indeed one does. I’m a bit puzzled by the people thinking this is a ‘refund’ and some who are actively buying UST/Luna, I suspect some unethical influencers are shilling it. If you REALLY think Luna2 holds a lot of merit, it’s even better to buy it directly if you can.

The money funneled out was given out to their team as ‘salary’ $170M/month for 70 people or so so that’s quite a lot, and the other is dispersed into the market…

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every single one of your posts is dumb

i wish you would delete your account


so buy the bottom

they are just interested in saving the initial luna holders aka themselves and their buddies