Just baffles me how

If Terra is more than UST, then why in the first place did they spent BILLIONS (1 Billion = $1,000,000,000 mind you) trying to rescue it?

lol that’s like failing to score a home run with a girl by showering her with a couple of 99 karat diamonds, 6 apartment units and 20 exotic cars, getting all sour and gives up by saying: “actually, never mind, there are better things than wasting my time on you”.

So he immediately moves on to chase another girl (new fork)

BUT DID YOU KNOW? All the gifts he got her was paid for by others? Now he’s just telling you: Sorry yeah there’s not much money left, I need it for another girl, you can either take what I propose, or you can f off.

Afterall, Investment is risky and everyone should do their own diligence. Nevermind it was advertised as a STABLEcoin, nevermind doubts were quelled and confidence pegged by trying to lower interests gradually.

Not sure about you guys, but this is the biggest L of 2022 in my books, and I’ll never touch any projects with him in it. Guy’s a sociopathic and egoistic walking red flag fr.

You can be sure his tenacity and charisma will drive any project forward, and his followers will fawn over his gungho idgaf maverick attitude(like Elon) n shill him and his project to death, but if things collapse again, he’s not gona have much sympathy for anyone, and it’s definitely not gona be his fault.

He will just move on until he succeeds, building his legacy on the ‘[email protected] bodies’ of those who trusted him.

A pity, he does have a good eye in attracting talent, they are probably the ones that made this ecosystem so great. I wish these people and everyone else good luck, hopefully you don’t become victims along the way.


Sir, this is a casino, behind a Wendy’s dumpster.