Just some suggestion for proposals

I’m new here and I’ll be short, as this isn’t a proposal (there are more expert people here).

I’m adding this topic just to say that there are many things we could do to temporarily reduce the ‘debt’, things which doesn’t resolve alone the problem, but may help and we could do that ‘for free’.


  1. Stop or reduce rewards with unlocking-time, so that people who wants to withdraw moneys will have to wait some days (20-30)
  2. Among us there are many people with staked UST, which don’t need these UST tomorrow, so we could easily add a LOCK option (incentivized?) for months or even years
  3. Same or similar could apply for people with staking of various forms

As I said that’s not a proposal, but just a list of things we can do almost ‘for free’ which you can add yours to help giving back people their coins. If we see a serious plan I would have no problem staying locked for months or years.