Keep the network, compensate UST holders, but only on a re peg

Until their is a unifying proposal that benefits the current network (not the network pre unpeg) then their is going to be no way forward and the community is going to be divided and ultimately any vote will be a No.

We need to acknowledge a numbers of things.

  • sellers sold
  • buyers bought
  • holder hels
  • the team continued to promote the network post unpeg
  • the sellers don’t get a vote

We shouldn’t be worrying about those who bailed

If the Euro and Czech Koruna unpegged and you sold at 0.1 that’s the sellers issue not everyone else’s. UST is NOT USD… but we want it to be

The network now is what it is, a new network with new numbers isn’t going to be magically better and a fork has no real value in this instance outside of “exit scam” or refinancing devs. A fork will killl what little trust is left in the foundation

Their isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with having 6.5 trillion Luna in circulation, and all Luna holders do so at their own risk

The people most effected in a legitimate way are those with UST who haven’t sold


  • Take a snapshot pre unpeg of UST

  • take a snapshot on soonest agreed date

  • UST to 1 dollar by removing UST from circulation via burn

  • fund UST wallet holders who didn’t move UST between the unpeg and snapshot pro rate. And fund only those wallets with UST once the repeg has been achieved

This gives incentives to the whales so they can regain their losses, and still offers something to those who have lost life savings in the belief of a bounce back

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