Legal action against Kwon and his bought pet validators needs to be organized

It becomes clear that Terra was never a real community neither its members equal. The will of the majority is to work on the original chain and fix it from inside, restore the peg. While the effort of the few powerful go in the opposite direction, with a total disregard for the casual user at near 100% loss of their “stable” UST holdings.

The intentions of airdropping a new token to different degrees of LUNA speculators instead of urgently compensating those low risk holders of a “stable” USD-peg, are most likely criminal. We need to set up a team from within the community, with lawyers, investors and content creators. We need to make noise, and take these people to justice, the robbery was not during the attack, the robbery is happening with this disgusting and completely disrespectful fork.

The real victims are being ignored by a dictator that prefers to satisfy the capital and his own pockets. We don’t need a new chain, we need to revive the current one with the same tokens. Change the code, burn tokens, be patient. The peg will eventually recover. Check what is the value of IRON in the IRON/TITAN pair, it restored!

Do we need to organize from scratch or is there any movement out there already? Any lawyers around here? Vitalik, CZ, the majority of Terra community and most likely Law are on our side.

We need to move forward with legal action!


I feel so frustrated, I wish there was be a way we could organize better because it truly seems we all don’t agree with Do Kwon and are being scammed their corrupt voting system, but in the end we can’t get to really do something!
Is there a way we can pay a lawyer together and make sure they really do what we ask? Like an smart contract or something… it would be so useful… i just can’t believe everything is turning out like this


Of course it’s ‘possible’.

But, with everything like this, you need somebody ready to commit the time required, blaze a trail, make it happen. There are plenty of people calling for it, but I’m not seeing this person emerge as yet.


This might give you some hope. It’s a Discord group for UST restitution efforts: UST Restitution Group

Fatman and a few others have organized the Discord, and they are currently in contact with lawyers.

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You know that you can override the validator vote, right?
Before calling this a fraud and “pet validators” :upside_down_face:

Accept that the community may want to create a new chain.