Let the community take over

Centralised decisions have never done this space any good. The constant pressure on Do and his team has only sowed more confusion and served to impede the resolution of this crisis.

Let the community vote on a recovery plan FROM the community. Incentivise new developers from the community, who lost their savings, to contribute to the implementation. Burn the reserves and some of the team allocations.

The top-down pseudo-administrative approach has failed. Make Terra are TRUE open-source project and let the community build back this ecosystem from the ashes by working together. Saving the reputation of the project should not be the priority.

Let Do take a break and let the people who stick around because they believe in the project show what true decentralisation is all about.

The community taking the wheel on a dying ecosystem, would be a narrative that this space truly needs right now. And what it’s always been about in the first place.

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