Lets compensate UST holders

Those who have all data about their money flow - they must be compensate. For example me. I have all data about where my 50000$ started and how I put a half into anchor protocol. less than month and now my 15000$ UST cost 300$

Maybe if you compensate small holders some people will believe you about Luna 2.0

If person can send your all data about his money - you compensate with USDT or USDC

Why not peg UST at 0.01 cents? with a fixed ratio of circulating supply and locked capital valued in BTC or some other decentralized currency, there is no difference, and might even be better to be pegged at 0.01 than at 1? the original dollar is also pegged at a debt

We need to have an independent committee overseeing the process. If we can get copies of the snapshots taken from before, and current to set a base of investment vs what has been received so far, including new airdropped tokens as that is part of the recovery.

My proposal does cover this, which has a transaction taxe that includes a percentage of that money collected going to a fund to restore losses incurred from the crash.