Lets prove CZ wrong - lets apologise

I understand that some of you may ask “What for?”
Let me tell you why and what for…

The world is not about us and them. There are things individuals can control, and there are things that they cannot. We can show that we understand this and that an act of kindness is not an act of weakness.

Please comment, I will be preparing an open letter to CZ, I would just like to know your thoughts on this.

Sorry for what exactly? CZ runs one of the most profitable crypto exchanges on the planet. He doesn’t need our apology.


To prove him wrong… to show that we are better humans than he might have assumed.


I agree, each individual who write bad things on public media like twitter or else should apologize, and it’s not only true here

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Per discussion with peers, it does not matter whether we do it or not.
A simple thank-you would be a better thing to do.

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No, im not apologizing he tried to go against the vote of the community. only after significant pressure did he do what was requested. You don’t get a reward for doing what you’re supposed to.


But who else did it for you except mexc?

Lets be clear!

I need apologise fro. Team and answer me about my money!